How to install and activate a Plugin

Installing a plugin is very simple and in many cases it does not even need a guide. However, if you are unsure of the procedure to follow or if you want to deepen the subject, we see step by step what to do and how to behave to activate on our WordPress the most interesting elements of the whole WP system, the Plugins.

Let’s first take a quick look at the 3 main steps to follow and then examine them closer …

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    An amazing variety of Plugins already in your WP!

    Search for Plugins

    The first step when you find that you need a plugin will just be looking for it. Sometimes you may already know the name of the plugin that you are interested in (maybe a friend has been recommended to you or found it by googling); others you may have to scramble in the dark for a while before finding the suitable one of more than 38,000 ( the 99% of World WP Plugins!) Plugins made available by

    The first way is to search in the WordPress plugin database, to do so you just have to go into the Plugin section and click on Add New. You will see the screen where you can search for your plugin by entering the name on the right if you have one or a keyword.

    Alternatively, as we said, you can always ‘google’ a bit by seeing what goes out.

    Finally, I suggest you always look at (Envato/Themeforest)Here you find more than 3000 great premium plug-ins, you’ve got the embarrassment of choosing!

    Often and willingly (though not always), a premium solution (maybe without spending capital) has its advantages over choosing free but inevitably less accurate plugins in some aspects and less up to date.

    ... And thousands of premium Plugins for those who want more


    Automatic Installation – We would not even need to explain it. You just have to choose from your WordPress library plugin and click on Install, nothing simpler!

    Manual Installation – If you have purchased your plugin or downloaded it for free from an external source (or even from but without switching from your Dashboard) you have to manually install it. Even here is not to be scared, the process is really elemental.

    You just have the folder of your plugin in .zip format (if you did not download it in .zip comprime it yourself with WinRar or the like), go to Plugin, Add New and click on top left on Load Plugin. Choose the file to upload and Install. Just a minute and the game is done!

    Activate, deactivate and remove the Plugins

    If you have installed your plugin directly or indirectly, you will see it in the available plugins but not activated. To activate a plugin you just have to click on Activate under the title of the plugin itself (N.B. with Bulk Actions you can activate multiple plugins together by selecting them first). Similarly, to disable a plugin click on the red link Deactivate.

    Sometimes it may happen that you no longer need a plugin or not being satisfied with how it works and wanting to clear it out. Do not be scrupulous in these cases, unused plugins consume space if you do not have the resources and long can blow your MySQL database. To reinstall them, you’ll always do it in time, so if you do not need to click Remove under each plugin and WordPress will delete the files created by the plugin and the plugin itself.

    Some advice...

    Always remember to look for information about Plugins before installing them! Installing and Enabling the wrong Plugin could be a waste of time and resources and in the worst case it may even create some minor inconvenience.

    PlugWPress is born with the intent of providing you with an overview of free and premium Plugins that could make your case, but in any case, we always recommend online reviews, guides, and comments about the Plugins you are interested in!

    User rating is really important!

    Never forget to take a look at the ratings left by users on Plugins and to look at some of the positive and negative comments.

    Those who have already tried the Plugin can really help you out! Also for this PlugWPress in every review provides users with a form encouraging you to say yours with a vote that will average with that given by us for the utmost of transparency and meritocracy!

    And remember, single vote or comment is not reliable, but the majority definitely do it!

    Better free or premium?

    We have also mentioned it above, the question is delicate and complex. In general we can say that each website will have special needs and not all will be available free of charge, most of it!

    In particular we recommend premium Plugins when:

    1) Your website/blog needs to be really professional: in these cases, premium solutions are often the best, and especially for the ability to receive the right support for new issues or needs;

    2) You have a special need but among the free Plugins you have not found anything that satisfies you completely;

    3) Comparing two Plugins that perform the same job, one Free and the other Premium, find that user ratings and comments are far more positive for the paid solution.

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