Let’s start with the essential, Akismet! No, it’s not Eskimo, but simply the Plugin that will protect you, you and your WordPress, the world ‘infamous’ spam.

You will not even need to install it, Akismet can be found already in use along with the Hello plug-in default list of your plugins as soon as you set up your site in WordPress.

In short it does is simply prevent your site flooding of spam comments sending them promptly to sender. No more talk, we discover the plugin Akismet!

Akismet, the spam will be just a distant memory (Go to Review!)



First of all installing…

Once activated will appear at the top a notification informing you of how you must configure Akismet.

To do that you have to do is go to the site akismet.com …


… And register (it will take up to 2 minutes)!



During registration you will then have to choose your plan Akismet: Now select a plan if you need a business and professional level, but if you simply need that Akismet protect your Blog (non-commercial) click on the small link under the various proposed plans (“or use Askismet for free”) and carry on 😉




Configuration and Use

Now there is already prepared your ‘key’ magic, you have to copy it and you’re done!



You are going now to Settings and then you can constantly see at the entry Akismet the work done by plugin and all the statistics about the spam messages blocked month to month. Since the plugin settings panel also have the option to change the same settings about the comments and Accuracy (from there you can decide whether to always insert the spam comments in a folder from which you can then check them manually if you want – but remember that after 15 days mail is still deleted! – or hide automatically spam messages that Akismet identifies as ‘Worst’).




You have nothing to do now, enjoy rest. Spam he thinks, AKisMet!

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